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Stretch 9.1 installer on MX6 cubox-i4pro fails doing dhcp network config -- must do manual network config

Just for fun I tried installing Stretch 9.1 on my Cubox-i4Pro.

When it got to configuring the network via DHCP it failed to get any configuration info.
I configured the network manually, and it was able to continue.

It appears that the ethernet interface is not getting initialized by the auto-configure part of the installer, but manual-configure part is properly initializing it.

Before you ask, yes there is a DHCP server on the LAN, and it is found and does its job without fail for the very same client machine when booting installed Stretch — i.e. it only fails in the installer.

Does anybody have a work-around that would allow me to avoid manual config?

I have reported this as Debian installer bug # 866597, but nobody seems to have noticed yet.


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