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Re: Pine64 drivers for kernel

On 2017-07-01, Bionic Ear wrote:
> Hello, i want to compile a stable mainline kernel (4.11) for Pine64
> (version 2GB) board for debian stable, i search drivers for this board but
> i don't find this.I search and find the kernel 3.10 longsleep but i
> couldn't get the drivers for board. Please help me

The linux arm64 kernel in Debian buster/sid has limited support for the
pine64 (USB (bottom port only), microSD, CPUs, RAM, etc.), but no
ethernet (might be supported in mainline linux 4.13.x), and I haven't
tested video output, but suspect it needs a newer kernel as well.

I've got three running headless with USB ethernet adapters using the
4.11.x kernel that is shipped in Debian.

live well,

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