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Re: Daily armhf image builds fail


Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org> (2017-06-28):
> the build fails due to a missing i2c-modules udeb for kernel
> 4.11.  From a look at the autobuilder logs it seems that a new
> kernel build which includes the udeb has already been triggered,
> but the packages have not yet arrived in the archive.  Once the
> newly built packages have entered the archive, the armhf d-i
> builds should work again without further manual intervention.

There was resource starvation as far as armhf buildds go, and src:linux
needed almost 10 days as needs-build before being picked up. Whenever
you see linux kernel/module related failures, it's always a good idea to
check this page:

and/or that one:

I usually wait until a new version of the kernel is built everywhere,
but we can have old binaries going away before all new ones are ready,
that's why I pushed the change to git before linux was built everywhere.


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