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Re: Bug#864260: Missing kernel in debian-installer sd-card images for armhf (stretch)


Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org> (2017-06-06):
> I guess I have found the problem: the images have a fixed size (~40MB
> uncompressed) and the netboot build has grown a few kBytes larger than
> that while the hd-media build still fits (although tightly).
> Increasing the image size should solve the problem.

Were there any reasons for the 40MB size or was it deemed sufficient at
some point and never increased?

> Attached is a corresponding patch. A test build is running but will
> need some time.  I'll check the results when it's ready and commit the
> change to the d-i git if everything looks good.


Even if that fixes the issue this time, it would be great to detect when
the media has an insufficient size, so as to break the build properly
instead of pretending everything is OK.

The immediate fix, once tested, is more than welcome for r0. The ENOSPC
detection can wait for a point release, I don't think there's any hurry
there (unless it's feared we might have other images overflowing with
the new value).

I might try to spend some time on this, but can't promise anything at
this point.


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