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Re: Porter roll call for Debian Stretch

>   I am an active porter for the following architectures and I intend
>   to continue this for the lifetime of the Stretch release (est. end
>   of 2020):

Some people have suggested to me that I'm an active porter... maybe it
just sort of happens to people. I'll likely continue to help in the
following ways during the stretch release.

>   For armhf, I
>   - triage d-i bugs
>   - test d-i regularly
>   - fix d-i bugs/issues

I do some debian-installer testing; the frequency and regularity varies
depending on what projects I'm actively working on.

I've submitted bugs and patches to enable several new armhf platforms by
getting needed configuration options enabled in the linux, flash-kernel,
debian-installer and u-boot packages.

As the active u-boot maintainer, I do quite a bit of u-boot testing, and
usually test new uploads against most of the armhf boards I have access
to. Most of the platforms enabled in u-boot are armhf, followed by armel
and arm64.

>   - maintain/provide hardware for (or assist with) automated tests on ci.d.n,
>     jenkins.d.n (etc.)

Maintain 20+ build machines for the reproducible build network as part
of jenkins.debian.net:


Most of them do run debian stable with stable or backports kernels, and
routinely build packages in experimental, unstable and testing chroots.

>   <I am a DD|I am a DM|I am not a DD/DM>

I am a DD.

I don't have much of any opinions on compiler options to enable by

I'll likely also start working more on arm64, but we'll see what the
future holds in retrospect. I also have some waning experience with
armel systems, which might seem less and less relevent by the end of

live well,

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