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Re: Debian on ix2-200

Hello Martin

Before the DTB enabled kernel, the cat /proc/cpuinfo shows

Machine: Marvell RD-88F6281 Reference Board

On the box I have (it must be 5 years old)

You can see the original boot commands in the environment I attached, it effectively boots from flash but the root file system is on the hard drive (in Raid mode)

May be I missed a line when I copied and paste - effectively, you need the dtb append ...



On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 9:49 PM Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote:
* Francois Lorrain <francois.lorrain@gmail.com> [2016-02-23 15:23]:
> Machine: Marvell RD-88F6281 Reference Board

This would have to be "Iomega StorCenter ix2-200", which is the name
in the DTB.

> Boot-Kernel-Path: /boot/uImage
> Boot-Initrd-Path: /boot/uInitrd

It would be interesting to see the original bootcmd because I suspect
the device boots from flash.

> I am not sure about the 3.17rc1 for the DTB-Append-From, but the 3.16
> kernel is not DTB enabled and the 4.3 is.

It has always been DTB so you wouldn't need such a line, but you would

DTB-Append: yes

Martin Michlmayr

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