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Re: Proposed changes to installer for armhf

Ian Campbell <ijc@hellion.org.uk> (2014-04-20):
> The kernel is in svn still, which is what I meant there.

Yeah, sorry, I didn't read carefully enough.

> I plan to push:
>         armhf: move armmp subarch to the toplevel.
>         arm: include dtb files for netboot.
> to d-i master shortly (once this quick test install is complete) and at
> the same time I'll push:
>         armhf: Drop the version from kernel filename.
> to pu/armhf pending the switch to 3.14. I'm also going to push the
> kernel side change to trunk (current == 3.14) now so the first upload of
> 3.14 will have the versionless kernel binary in it.

(Hoping I'm reading this carefully enough this time) looks good to me,
thanks for sharing the details.


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