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Re: debian installer images for LS-XHL/LS-CHLv2

Hi Michael,

I'm putting both -arm@ and -boot@ in the loop, which should provide
you with some support (full mail quoted below).

Good luck. :)


Michael Walle <michael@walle.cc> (2014-04-01):
> Hi Cyril,
> First of all, sorry, that i contact you directly. I don't know which mailing 
> list to contact. Please feel free to add one to the CC list.
> After the resolved bugs #740788 and #740787 (LS-XHL support for flash-kernel 
> and libdebian-installer), i'm currently trying to make some patches so that 
> the images (uImage/uInitrd), the ones which are available on the debian ftp 
> server, are generated. I hope this is the correct way to support new boards?
> The first thing i did, was to build a working kernel from the d-i jessie 
> images. Eg. take the dreamplug kernel, strip the u-boot image header and the 
> appended dtb, append my dtb and rebuild an uImage. I booted this image with 
> the uInitrd from the dreamplug. Which actually worked.
> But the installer asked a few questions before i could login with SSH and 
> continue installation. The LS-XHL/LS-CHLv2 doesn't have a serial console. 
> After u-boot (which can be used with a netconsole) starts linux the average 
> user won't see anything on the terminal. The installer asked for a hostname, 
> domain name and the installer SSH password. I guess i need to preseed that, 
> right? Would one preseed static IP addresses or DHCP? And is there a way i can 
> inform the user that he can now login with SSH? Eg. the board has some LEDs 
> available.
> -michael

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