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Re: Bug#738981: Fwd: Bug#738981: Switch to use generic_fpu for ARM

On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 6:02 AM, Thomas Orgis <thomas-forum@orgis.org> wrote:
> Am Sat, 01 Mar 2014 01:00:02 +0900
> schrieb Taihei Momma <tmkk@mac.com>:
>> OK, after some investigation with armhf cross environment and qemu, finally the current mpg123 svn (r3517) should work
> After Tahei didn't stop at this (big thanks from here!), we got a new
> snapshot,
>         http://mpg123.org/snapshot/mpg123-20140302115523.tar.bz2 ,
> that will hopefully become mpg123 1.19.0 soon (not 1.18.x
> because of feature additions regarding this very debian issue). The
> main points:
> - float output with all decoders (also arm_nofpu)
> - ARM decoders (esp. NEON) working with debian toolchain
> - new --with-cpu=arm_fpu choice with runtime detection to switch
>   between NEON or normal FPU
> So, the number of builds for optimal treatment of differing platforms
> reduces to two:
> 1. --with-cpu=arm_nofpu
> 2. --with-cpu=arm_fpu
> I hope we can all be happy about that. I'd also be glad to get some
> confirmation from debian that it really works now. Release will be
> imminent, then.

That sounds like if the mpg123 package should use:

on armel: --with-cpu=arm_nofpu
on armhf: --with-cpu=arm_fpu

Does this make sense to everybody?

> Thanks for staying with us with all the chattering about this ...

Thank you for handling this issue (and basically every issue other
that popped out in Debian for mpg123) so quickly!


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