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Re: Bug#738981: Fwd: Bug#738981: Switch to use generic_fpu for ARM

Am Sat, 01 Mar 2014 01:00:02 +0900
schrieb Taihei Momma <tmkk@mac.com>: 

> OK, after some investigation with armhf cross environment and qemu, finally the current mpg123 svn (r3517) should work (including arm_nofpu decoder).
> The point is .type directive. Without this directive, a linker doesn't distinguish arm functions from thumb functions, and interworking doesn't work properly.
Great! So, folks, please check that


does the trick with all decoders now. Performance numbers from the
benchmark script would be nice. I'll release 1.18.1 after confirmation
and we finally can settle this.

Alrighty then,


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