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Re: Bug#738981: Fwd: Bug#738981: Switch to use generic_fpu for ARM

On 2014/02/26, at 1:44, Thomas Orgis wrote:

> That address didn't change.

Well, the function itself is properly aligned (so my fix didn't take effect anyway).
> 0xb6fb9330 <+0>:     vpush   {d8-d15}
> 0xb6fb9334 <+4>:     sub     r3, pc, #140    ; 0x8c

But the processor decoded the first instruction as 2-byte (thumb?), then increased PC by 2. And it raised SIGILL at
> 0xb6fb9332 in INT123_dct64_neon () at dct64_neon.S:49

So, I guess
 - assembler emits a bad machine code for vpush
 - kernel is not configured properly to run vfp instructions

I'd like to look into objdump -d result to check the machine code. 

Taihei Momma

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