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Re: Good ARM board for Debian?

On 12/24/2013 8:07 AM, Dale Amon wrote:
On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 11:37:07AM +0000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
jerry: i apologise - there are too many judgements and assumptions for
me to be able to continue this conversation, especially without
consultancy fees being paid.  i've given you a lot of advice: you're
not listening to it.  you may also wish to bear in mind that the
client is going to be able to do their own google searches and find
this conversation.  you may also wish to consider that you've misled
people on this list, and they have provided you with answers according
to those misleading questions.  you might like to consider
compensating them - or the debian project - for their time in some
appropriate way.

However many of us who are silent have found this to be
one of the more interesting discussions on the business
and industry of SoC that have come along in a very long
time. Definitely a high S/N.

I say this as someone in early stages of an aerospace
product development.

Dale, I'm glad you've found it interesting. It has been to me, also - and very educational. Several people have had good suggestions that I still intend to follow up on, even if they are out of my client's target price range. They may just have to suck it up.


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