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Re: qemu status on ARM

On 14/12/13 12:51, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
tim i'm sure i saw some patches which add one of the other CPU types,
not just A15, a couple months back.  the work was, if i vaguely
remember, done by someone with an @redhat.com email address.

There are a few references to this error, I'll track them down and see what the gist of them is. The big win here is that there is now an affordable KVM capable arm device that Debian supports fairly cleanly.

the clue that you're operating in emulated (non-VM) mode is this:

kvm [1]: HYP mode not available

so it'll be slooooow until you find out what's going on here.

The boot log was from the VM booting, so that would be expected?


Tim Fletcher <tim@night-shade.org.uk>

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