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Re: sdma: firmware: agent aborted loading imx/sdma/sdma-imx6q.bin (not found?)

On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 8:22 AM, Robert Nelson <robertcnelson@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Question1: What purpose is SDMA for? the sound audio only?
> idk exactly.. rom patches?
>> Question2: Why v3.12 can works w/o the firmware and v3.11 don't?
> this patch helps..
> https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git/commit/?id=dcfec3c09890120d86d4e86887074c76763075ca

Good to know...

>> Question3: Do you know about the status of i.MX6 hdmi support in
>> linux? I check that imx-drm still staging in mainline and _no_ hdmi
>> there.
> It got rejected for v3.13..  Things need to be 'fixed' imx_drm first,
> before new features are added..

You mean the imx-drm is broken or the rejected HDMI feature?

> Here's the patchset i used for v3.12.x
> https://github.com/RobertCNelson/armv7-multiplatform/tree/v3.12.x/patches/imx_video
> however, the v3.13.x version has more fixes from freescale..

What has been fixed?

> https://github.com/RobertCNelson/armv7-multiplatform/tree/v3.13.x/patches/imx_video_staging
> (i need to review the schematic on 0005-*)..

Anyway, how can i keep up with this kind of linux info especially for
i.MX6 platform.
I'm consider as a newbie, but interest in...


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