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Re: Dreamplug Modern Kernel

the result of flash-kernel does not boot, in my opinion due to the kernel rather than flash-kernel doing something wrong. flash-kernel works with the initrd.img-3.2.0-4-kirkwood & vmlinuz-3.2.0-4-kirkwood.

But not for the make install of the kernel which puts, vmlinuz-3.11.9, initrd.img-3.11.9 & System.map-3.11.9 into /boot. My understanding is that flash-kernel combines those 3 file to create uImage & uInitrd?

Flash-Kernel looks for vmlinuz-version & initrd-version to make the required uImage & uInitrd & fails with 

Kernel suffix 3.11.9 does not match any of the expected flavors (kirkwood), therefore not writing it to flash.

changing filenames doesn't work. 


On 2013-11-25 01:07 PM, Wookey wrote:

+++ Robert James [2013-11-25 11:20 +0000]:
After a long drawn out fight, I managed to use the installer to make a working/bootable install. Requiring me to open up the console before rebooting, modifying the flash-kernel command to work correctly on the Dreamplug then rerunning Flash-Kernel. After this was complete, I set about trying to get a more recent kernel built and working. After downloading the 3.11.9 kernel from kernel.org and running through make oldconfig using the provided configuration from the installer & then waiting tediously for the kernel to be built (make all). I then found that flash-kernel, when run didn't create a bootable installation. Is there any advice I  could be given?
Does flash-kernel install the kernel, but the result doesn't boot
because the new kernel doesn't work, or is the problem that flash-kernel
isn't installint it, or not installaing it to the right place?

Or can't you tell?

You need to work out wether you have a flash-kernel problem or a
broken-kernel problem. Try flashing known-working kernel with new
flash-kernel? And/or manually booting new kernel to see if it works at all.

Some more details of what you see might give us clues (not that I've
ever used a dreamplug so can;t help with specifics)

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