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Unable to boot QNAP TS-119 since update on 12 Nov

Hi there,

I was following debian testing on a QNAP TS 119. Since the update late on 12 Nov 2013, I am unable to boot the device. While I haven't been able to root cause my problems, I suspect it might have to do with the kernel update included in that version. I have since then re-flashed the device but haven't gotten around to putting it back on-line.

I was wondering whether anybody else has had better results on a similar device (kirkwood chipset) with the current jesse tree, which would point to a misconfiguration on my side. In which case I would consider staying on testing rather than dropping back to stable.

Also, I have had the weird 00:00:00:05:0e mac address issue when trying to reflash the device referenced at http://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2010/05/msg00052.html Unfortunately, I haven't been able to resolve this without re-inserting my HD which would make the QNAP firmware wipe it appearently. Is there any well known way to re-flash a current debian kernel without wiping the contents of the HD?


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