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Re: BeagleBone Black apt oddness

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 11:50 AM, Robert Nelson wrote:

> The images are being fixed, via the generation script..

Ok great.

> Yeap, the --include is also currently utilized, just not 100%..

Ah ok.

> One of the main reasons, for running the second stage in a chroot/qemu
> is what seams like a simple Chicken/Egg problem we have.. How do we
> generate the "arm" initrd on an "x86" linux host for debian wheezy?

I don't know much about Linux kernel stuff but IIRC the initrd is just
a cpio file, possibly compressed? I guess once you cross-compile the
Linux kernel image and modules the process shouldn't be arch-specific
at all.

> locales generation (not a requirement, but it fixed email/bugs from users..)

Replace with locales-all?

> Just need u-boot binaries, and someone to test/etc...  I'm
> just never sure who to ping at debian, as i see a lot of boards before
> they end up in consumer hands..

If you own the devices and are able to test, report a bug against the
linux source package asking for whatever Linux kernel config options
are needed to be enabled to get armmp working on the boards.

$ reportbug --source linux

Same applies to u-boot, once support is in mainline and that version
is in Debian report a bug asking for binaries to be generated for the
relevant device.



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