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Re: what is the default firewall on a fresh install of Debian7 arm on a pogop0lugE02

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 07:45:49PM +0100, Richard Bown wrote:
> I installed ufw to see if it would overide the system defaults.

The system defaults are to have no firewall of any kind.  A new install
by default does not have any ports blocked at all.  If something is
installed that listens on a port, then that port should be open, and
otherwise it should have no response.

Installing something means now you have one.  Help with a given firewall
is certainly not architecture specific, and would get way more answers
from a list dedicated to that particular firewall managing tool,
or debian-user.

> I'll unsubscribe this list as everything I ask is deemed off topic.
> I get the impression this list is only for developers and users of the latest ARM and Cortex
> devices.  
> I was grossly mistaken to suspect that running Debian on an ARM5TE was supported by the debian-arm
> list.

Installing and fixing issues compiling code on arm is very much what
this list is for.

How to use linux in general, is not, no matter what kind of device it is.

Len Sorensen

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