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RE: SS4000E LEDS and Power/Reset Buttons

Yes that works. I see a constant stream of messages from the w83792d sensor
chip on the serial port and in syslog reporting sensor values. Maybe the
chip is being polled now at 100ms but anyway it's bogging down the cpu. I
built-in the I2C Support>I2C debugging messages support in the kernel so it
could be that too.

It would be nice if there was a way to turn these on/off without rebuilding
the kernel.


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"Chris Wilkinson" <kinsham@verizon.net> writes:


> Presumably this just sets up the polling for the buttons. How does one
> the state?

yeah, this sets the polling but without it, the driver is refusing to
register the input device, so, actually it makes things working.
Once booted, you should get a /dev/input/event0 (for instance) and also
you should get some key press event through normal keyboard stuff.

To get the name of the event file, look at /proc/bus/input/devices (oh,
you need evdev to get the event file).


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