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RE: Debian on ARM Chromebook?

Paul Wise 
> On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 4:25 AM, Mark Allums wrote:
> > Links to a good tutorial?  Advice?
> If you have a kernel (there isn't one in Debian), it should be enough
> to run debootstrap to get a rootfs.

Someone has a kernel.  It can be found via Google.  However I think it is a bit old and was compiled for x86.  Old is okay, though signing a new one for an update would be new to me (Chromebooks are UEFI with locked bootloaders and while you can boot new kernels in Developer mode, there is a process, and I am quite the brand-newbie regarding this.) 

I have never used debootstrap, nor rolled my own distro.  

Advice welcome.


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