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Re: arm64 Debian/Ubuntu port image available

Wookey scrisse:

> State of the Debian/Ubuntu arm64 port
> =====================================
> *** Arm64 lives! ***

Kudos !!!

> There is no armv8 (arm64/aarch64) hardware available yet, so this
> image can currently only be run in a model. ARM provide a free-beer
> prorietary 'Foundation model' so we do have someting to test with.
> It's sluggish but perfectly useable. Booting the images takes a
> couple of minutes on my fairly average machine.
> [...]
> I hear rumours that actual hardware may appear sometime around the
> middle of the year with some bagsied for Debian. Setting up the ports
> infrastructure for that would be good. I don't know if anyone is
> interested in building slowly on models in the meantime, or if we
> should just carry on crossing and see how far we get. This table
> shows that 471 packages in raring can be expected to cross-build
> already: http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/cross/armhf/raring/

I'm not sure this is the right place to ask, but anyway...
What's the status of the qemu aarch64 target?

I was just reading through the related linaro tickets:
but I can't really figure out where/if the development is happening,
and the ticket seems to be blocked by "availability of A64 instruction
set documentation".

Cheers, Luca

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