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Re: Bricked Sheevaplug

Have you verified and configured your USB/JTAG driver ?

You may need to modify /usr/share/openocd/scripts/interface/sheevaplug.cfg according to what lsusb shows for your sheevaplug.

Do you have ftdi_sio driver loaded ?

On 29.11.2012 13:51, Herman Swartz wrote:
Here is the results of running the openocd command on another Debian
box. The USB cable connects to this box and the mini USB end of the
cable connects to the PLUG.

I can find a lot of hits on this message but no explanations.

 openocd -f /usr/share/openocd/scripts/board/sheevaplug.cfg
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.3.1 (2009-11-25-12:22)
For bug reports, read
2000 kHz
trst_and_srst separate srst_gates_jtag trst_push_pull srst_open_drain
jtag_nsrst_delay: 200
jtag_ntrst_delay: 200
dcc downloads are enabled
Warn : use 'feroceon.cpu' as target identifier, not '0'
Segmentation fault

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On 28.11.2012 16:21, Clint Adams wrote:
On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 08:56:14PM -0800, Herman Swartz wrote:
Do you have info or links to instruction on how to use openocd with Sheeva PLUG? A cfg file for PLUG would help.


are in the Debian openocd package.

Note that I have encountered two different varieties of SheevaPlug in
the wild, and had to use a modified config for one of them.

Sometime, if the flash do not work, I have tested that changing
"-work-area-phys 0x10000000 \" to "-work-area-phys 0x100000 \" can
help to resolve the flash.

Sometime, it may also be needed to quickly reset while openocd is launched :
1. reset / switch on the plug
2. enter the openocd command to flash

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