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Re: System crashes on USB connection

Herman Swartz wrote:
> I have a Sheeva PLUG dev kit with Debian Linux release and the USB port is not able to handle having a second USB device connected simultaineously. I tried connecting a USB hub into the single USB of the Sheeva PLUG and then plugging a hard drive into the hub. The PLUG is able to boot using the USB hard drive but plugging anything else into the USB hub disrupts everything. Debian must not coordinate adding additional USB devices without disrupting the first device, probably changing the existing device's reference point within the OS.

The SheevaPlug's PSU is a bit dodgy, and I've heard persistent rumours
that the USB chipset is also a bit dodgy --- certainly, my device (which
has been running continuously for years) occasionally loses a USB device
and has to be rebooted.

Is your USB hub powered? If not, it's worth getting one and seeing if
that helps.

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