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Freescale i.MX6 boards/devices: Debian and related Distros?

[first post by newbie]

OK, so I have/am running Debian linux and derivatives on most of my Linux devices:

- Nokia N800
- Linksys NSLU2
- Cloud Engines Pogoplug
- various desktops and netbooks (Linux Mint Debian Edition)

Always looking for smaller, faster, leaner, quieter, cooler devices to run Linux on, I have been watching the 'android TV stick' models come and go, and the one that interests me the most right now (with claimed Linux support) is the 'Hiapad Hi802', which uses the 'Freescale i.MX6' SoC (quad at that!):



There is a lot of good and optimistic info for running 'Ubuntu' linux on that chip (and various devices) -- but (in terms that I can understand) how easy is this likely to put pure Debian onto it?

For a related question, my primary desktop Linux is LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) -- what *exactly* would I need from the maintainers of that distro to create an ARMv7 (Freescale i.MX6) version?  Is this even realistic for someone like me?  I have compiled source in a 'tool chain' environment before (on an x86 desktop, to create binaries for my Nokia N800). 

I have searched for something that would explain 'how to port your favorite distro to ARM in 5 easy steps', but have not found a resource like that yet :)


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