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Re: Questions about the openblocks AX3/4

On 8/30/12, Tomomi Matsumoto <matsumoto@plathome.co.jp> wrote:

>> 5: is 3GB just the largest ammount of ram you have tested or is there
>> some limit that prevents using larger modules? (I ask because i've seen
>> other armardaXP based stuff claim to support more)
> That's the largest. Onboard 1GB plus additional SO-DIMM 2GB, total 3GB
> is the maximum. Incidentally, we've confirmed that the 2GB or 4GB
> SO-DIMM on 2RANK work. (It'll be 2GB RAM though you install 4GB hardware
> on 2RANK.)

mr matsumoto,

many thanks for informing the debian arm community of this.  there is
a significant
problem in compiling any large software such as openoffice, firefox, webkit web
browser and many others, because they are too large for 1GB of RAM at the linker

yours would literally be the first company in the world to provide an actual
real-world affordable product to software (libre) developers that could be used
to help GNU/Linux distributions be effective in the ARM world, by helping to
accelerate and stabilise the building of those distributions.

may i therefore introduce you to steve (cc'd) who will know who would especially
in the debian-arm community need one of the openblocks AX3/4 devices with 3GB
of RAM?

the availability of SATA-II is also of significant benefit because as
a build system
direct access to a fast hard drive is a definite advantage.

the use of the OpenBlocks AX3/4 as part of a 24x7 build farm will *definitely*
test the reliability of the product!  can i recommend working closely with steve
and the other debian-arm developers?

warm regards,


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