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Manual partioning on NSLU2

I'm getting in bit of flap setting up partitions manually for my NSLU2 normally i'd use the graphical installer and guided partitioning but it's no longer available so have to partition manually on another linux machine first. I'm using a 16GB flash drive and after many attempts came up with these partitions

   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/sde1   *           1         245      250864   83  Linux           
/dev/sde2             246        4061     3907584   83  Linux           
/dev/sde3            4062       14996    11197440    5  Extended       
/dev/sde5            4062        4123       63472   82  Linux swap / Solaris   
/dev/sde6            4124       14996    11133936   83  Linux

Does this look right? to be honest i'm not too worried how partitions are setup ie separate for home or all on one. As the per above i'm assuming

sde3? extended in which 5 and 6 fit in?

is this right? or can anyone else come up with a suitable partitioning scheme suitable for running on flash.

Any help would be appreciated i'm also on MSN on this address if it's easier to communicate over that.


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