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Re: Seagate GoFlex Satellite

On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 09:41:15PM -0700, Braddock Gaskill wrote:
> Is there much hope of getting Debian running on a Seagate GoFlex
> Satellite?  This is a very sexy little Linux-based device which encloses a
> 500GB harddrive with wifi and runs off a battery.  It has been partially
> hacked already to install additional packages, but I haven't seen a full
> distro put on it.

It's got enough grunt to be able to run Debian, so there's the possibility. 

> What would be involved in getting Debian to run?  Where would I start?

I documented my adventures porting d-i to the DNS-323 at
whilst it focuses on the d-i work, there's some basic info in there about
the general requirements to get Debian working on a device.

(Wow, nearly 4 years ago... my how time flies)

> Is anyone interested in working on this?

Got a spare one to send my way to pull apart and work on?  I've got several
weeks of enforced vacation coming up, but I have no real *use* for one of
these things, so dropping $300 for something to poke at isn't real enticing.

- Matt

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