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Re: Hackberry A10 Dev Board for $60

On 07/08/12 21:26, lkcl luke wrote:
>  i thought amery had found a solution to that?  i'm sure it's
> documented on the rhombus-tech.net wiki, on the "server" page, or
> there's a kernel compile-time switch for de-reserving the stupid,
> stupid hard-coded mali memory allocation.

AFAIK it's only possible to disable the reserved areas below 448MB for
the video decode engine, 2D engine, etc. My patch is now in the kernel
to do this automatically if you build for a headless system. But the
64MB GPU area seems to be inviolable.

You'll need to talk the amery or hno for more info, though; I don't know
anything about the GPU.

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