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Re: SS4000E Kernel v3.4 Config

"Chris Wilkinson" <kinsham@verizon.net> writes:

> I built a kernel zImage which is of size 2.77MB. This is too big to fit in
> the FLASH space allocated for it in EM7220 Redboot fis (2MB) so although d-i
> runs OK it fails on the final step of making the system bootable. Fis errors
> if I try to fis create zImage after the load for the same reason.
> Can anyone suggest some tricks to shrink it a bit?
> Here are the steps I followed, largely based on Arnaud's advice.
> Based the config on the iop32x_defconfig in ./arch/arm/configs of the
> Linux

the defconfig would probably enable too many things. In the debian
package, we're making sure that it's not more than 1441784B so it would
fit in 2MB. Look at your /boot if you already installed a debian kernel
before. Otherwise, download the deb from a mirror and extract its
content in a temporary directory and you'll get a boot/config-$VERSION.


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