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Re: debian on mini android pc

On 07/11/2012 03:48 AM, Arkhipenka Stanislau wrote:
Hello. I want to buy a mini android pc. It runs on allwinner a10 processor (
architecture ARM). Unfortunately, I could not find information about what sub-
architecture of this device. I am wondering if i can install Debian on it. and
If YES, unfortunately I did not find any instructions about how to install
debian on this device. Could, you please, give me some information.

I'm sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language


There is a lot of development work around the A10 processor collecting here:


The information will be applicable to getting Debian on your device. The important thing is is to make a copy of the devices nand flash so that you can extract the needed boot scripts that setup the hardware and devices.

Scott Sullivan

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