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Re: __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr1@GCC_3.5

* Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com> [120611 18:01]:
> > Does anyone know the cause of this and how serious it is?
> < http://bugs.debian.org/658340 >
> < http://lists.debian.org/debian-cli/2012/02/msg00001.html >

Those both assert it is due to a lack of libgcc. As far as I do
understand it, that should only be needed with something like -nostdlib.

So I guess it is currently one big game of "pass the buck"?

> > Does this need fixes or some whitelist in dpkg-shlibdeps to ignore this?
> IMHO, I think we can ignore in dpkg-shlibdeps warning.

I guess it would be nice to know what is actually the cause before.

> > There are instances of this warnings from binaries generated with a pure
> > g++ --shared without anything about disabling standard libraries, so
> > I guess if this is a issue, it is a issue in gcc or one of the standard
> > libraries?
> I'd say libgcc1

I'll try to build some minimal example and file a new bug...

        Bernhard R. Link

P.S: No need to cc me, I'm subscribed...

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