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QNap Hard drive upgrade (Boot Sequence)


I have a Qnap TS-110, which I am using as a home server for the past year. It runs Debian Squeeze.

I have decided to replace the internal hard drive with a much smaller SSD, but I am concerned about how the Kirkwood boot sequence works, and how I make sure that u-boot can find the kernel image and other necessary files to boot on the new SSD drive.

Many years ago, when I used desktop based linux distros that used lilo to boot, I recall that the boot block contained raw hard drive offsets to the kernel an intrid image files, and if you moved the files on disc without re-writing the lilo boot block then the boot sequence would fail as the kernel would not be found, despite the fact that the pathname remained the same.

Is there a similar issue with u-boot on Kirkwood devices? Do I need to make an exact copy of the boot partition in order for it to work, or is u-boot able to mount and understand the ext2 filesystem and find the boot image by pathname?

Are there any similar issues with the root or any other partition on the system?

Thank you.

David Pottage

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