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Re: Preventing the mixing of armhf packages

On 26 April 2012 09:18, Mike Thompson <mpthompson@gmail.com> wrote:
> a method must be found to prevent the casual
> installation of armv7 armhf packages on an armv6 armhf system.

> What's the best, user friendly way of minimizing the
> risk that a user of Debian armhf on the Raspberry Pi would accidentally set
> their sources.list file to point to the official armhf repository and start
> pulling down armv7 packages that will potentially corrupt their system?

I dont know about the "must" in the first para

You could say that if a user is editing sources.list, they are already
an advanced user and need to know what they are doing. I would put
such users in the same category as ones who add Ubuntu repositories to
their Debian armel systems, for which they need to be aware of target
architecture differences.

If such an advanced user also ignore warnings about unsigned packages
and *still* expects everything to keep working, they you can probably
trust their CPU to let them know that they have installed a v7 package
on a v6 system when they the first programs that they install with
their new homebrew sources.list :)


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