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Re: Re: SVGA Source Code

+++ Sanket [2012-03-16 12:21 +0530]:
> Hello,

I'm having trouble understanding your question. Please clarify a
a little.

>         I am compiling SVGA Source code for ARM against my
> toolchain. 

What 'SVGA Source code' exactly? Is it your own? Or something from

What toolchain and what device are you compiling for?

> Actually debian packages are not working on my filesystem. 

What sort of 'not working' - what is the error/problem? What
filesystems are you using - one supplied with a dev board? Which
Debian packages (arm, armel, armhf)?

> I am always getting " undefined reference to outsb".

When you iunstall a Debian pakcage or when you try to compile your
'SVGA Source'? I assume the latter. 

insb and outsb are single instructions on x86 - they have to be
replaced by code on other platforms, to iterate over outb.

You may be trying to build x86 assembler on ARM which won't be
recognised, or you may just have failed to include the relevant
headers to provide these IO macros. 

> Please guide me regarding how to cross compile svga source code for
> ARM. 

We need more details of your problem to provide useful guidance.

> Also provide me the SVGA Source Code.

If you are building it you must have it already - I don't understand
what you mean here. 

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