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Re: Questions regarding armhf port for Raspberry Pi

+++ Steve Langasek [2012-03-07 14:28 -0800]:

> For all intents and purposes, this *is* a new port.  This can't just be done
> as a set of optimized libraries on top of armhf, because the baseline for
> the armhf port is ARMv7 so none of these packages are guaranteed to run on
> RPi, *including ld.so*.  Likewise, you could build it on top of armel as a
> set of v6-optimized add-ons to the v4t port, but then you wouldn't be able
> to use the hard-float ABI - you could still use all the VFP you want, but
> you'd pay the marshalling penalty on function calls.
> So if you really care about getting the most out of the hardware, you're
> looking at an entirely new port.

Or, and I mention this mostly for completeness as it'd be a really
hard sell: persuade Debian that the Pi is such a big deal we should
move the armhf base CPU optimisation back down to v6+vfp2, no thumb. That
would still work on v7+vfp3 hardware, but with some speed penalty. 

> You could probably reuse the armhf name (and ld.so path), 

This was the sense in which I meant it's not a new port. 

It would be a new repo. 

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