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Re: Thecus N2200 debian: is possible?

* LoSpo <francesco.spossati@gmail.com> [2012-01-09 14:01]:
> Hi, in your opinion is possible to install debian in my NAS: N2200 thecus??

Based on some Google results, it seems that this device uses a CPU
from Cavium, possibly the ECONA CNS3420 SOC 600MHz (Dual-Core).

I can see there's initial support for this CPU in the Linux kernel, so
it might be possible to get it working.  However, I suspect that it
would be quite a bit of work, including kernel work.

> The system tells me it is a "Linux N2200 2.6.24 arm5tejl (Marvell
> arm5tejl processor) GCC version 4.3.2. What debian/linux would I
> have to install on the NAS?

If the device really uses a Marvell cpu, it might be easier to run
Debian but it would still require some work.
Martin Michlmayr

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