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Re: python-enchant is not importable in python 2.6 on armhf. Any idea which package is at fault?

Loïc Minier wrote:
 We faced this in the Ubuntu armhf port as well; the bug is described in
 details there:

 Essentially ctypes' "find_library" is very wrong and should not be used
 (it tries to emulate ld.so's search behavior but does so with many
 scary shortcuts...).  find_library breaks on armhf because its ldconfig
 output parsing isn't ready for the ",hard-float" suffix on libraries in
 the cache.

 Not only is find_library poorly implemented, but it also encourages
 upstreams to try loading *any* SONAME from a library (in fact the first
 one which comes in the ldconfig output), and with *whatever*
 architecture ABI.  So if you have the 32-bits libenchant12, 32-bits
 libenchant13, 64-bits libenchant12 and 64-bits libenchant13, and you
 find_library("enchant"), any of these libraries might be loaded
 depending on the ldconfig output ordering...

 I've opened an upstream bug (see the Launchpad meta-bug) and AFAIK the
 python2.x patches will be uploaded to Debian with next uploads.
According to the launchpad "meta-bug" the python2.7 fix was already uploaded to unstable. This would fit with my test succeeding with python2.7 and failing with

Python2.6 (ubuntu) in the launchpad meta-bug is marked as "won't fix"
because python2.6 is "to be removed" are there any plans to fix python2.6 in
debian or do they plan to remove it like ubuntu do?

 It would be best if we would patch python programs and modules to stop
 using find_library.
Should a bug be opened against python-enchant? and if so what should the package use instead of find_library?

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