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Re: CuBox hardware [was: Re: CuCox hardware]

Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 01:40:53PM +0100, Xavier Grave wrote:
Sorry the subject should be CuBox Hardware

So change it.

They list "debian" as an OS option. I wonder why they don't even list
the weight of the device.
Maybe they just didn't think to measure it, their website in general seems very sparse, whether this is due to some strange desire for secrecy or whether it is
due to simply not getting round to stuff yet I don't know. Looking at thier
forums it does look like they have people who at least know how to answer
technical questions competently.

I would question whether yet another arm devbox can be successful,
especially one that does not appear to have support from a SOC vendor
(compared to raspberry pi which is broadcom supported and beagle/panda
which is Ti supported) and that does not appear to have built a community
prior to release.

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