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Re: Creating a home server from an Android media player

On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 1:49 PM, mick <mbm@rlogin.net> wrote:

>> Did anyone managed to install Debian on one of these?
> I recently bought an Archos 70 internet tablet
> (http://www.archos.com/products/ta/archos_70it/index.html?country=us&lang=en)
> for UKP 99.99 (down from the list of UKP 249.99). I bought it because
> Archos is a fantastic media player and I have a /lot/ of DVDs ripped to
> MP4. (I would not have been prepared to pay the silly original
> price).
> But. It can also run debian. ( See
> http://archosfans.com/2011/06/10/archos-gen8-tablets-can-multi-boot-froyo-gingerbread-debian-angstrom-ubuntu-chromium-os-and-more/
> Indeed,  Archos seem to encourage dual booting with other Linux variants
> through their developer edition firmware release.
> (http://www.archos.com/support/support_tech/_ppp.html?country=us&lang=en&p=gen8)
> (Note. I have no personal experience of trying this. Using the
> developer edition firmware automatically invalidates the warranty and I
> acutually want to continue to use the tablet as is. If I had a spare
> of course.....)


 yes i heard about this.  there's people doing gen9
reverse-engineering: apparently it's using the TI OMAP44xx so same as
the pandaboard, which makes it a good target.

 also i came across this:

 that's one's wicked because the guy has downloadable images
pre-prepared.  i looked on ebay you can get hold of 2nd hand ones bids
around £65 at the time.


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