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Cannot install on NSLU2

Hi Martin,

I used to have squeeze running just fine on my nslu2. Unfortunately I
had to change the hard disk... now I wan't to re-install but it fails.

I've followed instructions from:


to re-install lenny and then upgrade to squeeze. But the installer fails
to download release files from the mirror. I have these lines in the

Dec  7 10:18:06 anna[2613]: WARNING **: bad d-i Packages file
Dec  7 10:18:07 net-retriever: gpgv: WARNING: multiple signatures
detected.  Only the first will be checked.
Dec  7 10:18:07 net-retriever: gpgv: 
Dec  7 10:18:07 net-retriever: Signature made Sat Oct  1 13:35:05 2011
UTC using RSA key ID 473041FA
Dec  7 10:18:07 net-retriever: gpgv: 
Dec  7 10:18:07 net-retriever: Can't check signature: public key not
Dec  7 10:18:07 net-retriever: error: Bad signature
on /tmp/net-retriever-2965-Release.

Then I tried the instructions at:


but the slug seems to be stuck after the ramdisk is loaded (ethernet led
remains green and alone for ever). Even after 8 hours !

Do you have any clues ?


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