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Re: arm with raspberry pi

+++ billy o_O [2011-11-11 22:24 +0100]:
> Hello I'm Billy from Spain.
> I will buy a Raspberry Pi (an ARM-based computer), that I want to use it with
> the ZsNes emulator. I have some questions, for the ARM debian port:
> 1) Will Debian (ARM) support Zsnes, which is for i386 archs?

No. That program is 70% assembler (and quite large) so a port to ARM
would be truly epic. 

There are apparently other SNES emulators which are already built for
ARM (e.g. fceu and mednafen). I have no idea how these compare. 

> 2) Could I force architecture to make it run?

No. It would need a huge amount of work to make it run. 

> Thanks for your response.

PLease send questions like this to the mailing list, not to
individuals - you are more likely to get an answer, and others will
benefit from that answer. 

> PD: Sorry for my bad english!

It was perfectly understandable.

Principal hats:  Linaro, Emdebian, Wookware, Balloonboard, ARM

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