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Re: Debian GNU/Linux on tablet hardware

On Friday 28 October 2011 14:33:08 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> i can, if you prefer, use a site like "pledgebank.com" - that might
> help people to understand that i'm not asking people for a
> "committment to buy".  i'm asking people if they would be *willing* to
> commit to buying, if a certain threshold of other people also publicly
> made the exact same committment.

At the prices you are talking about I am willing to commit to buy. I have a 
couple of questions though. 

1- I am not clear on the design you have in mind. Personally, I have three 
use-cases: router, NAS, sound server (not Media server, I don't care about 
video). I don't necessarily need them all in one system. Does your design 
cover these uses?

2- I presume that you are talking about committing to quantities of one or 
two systems. Could you please confirm? I really just need a couple of very 
low power systems that I can setup and forget! 

I've had occasion to deal with people who deal with Chinese manufacturers, 
but in fields far removed from electronics. What you describe does sound 



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