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request/sugestion to work together to get hardfp/OSS ARM GPU drivers and/or to get documentation

Hi all,

Most of the (ARM) distros are currently working on or in the transition to
hardfp, but until now most GPU's in de ARM Cortex SOCs don't have any
hardfp drivers yet.

To be able to have a ARM hardfp compiled X Window desktop system/notebook
with 3D support we need hardfp compiled drivers.

I was thinking it might be more efficient is all Linux distro's work
together to get these drivers as it's equally important for all distro
that wants to move to a hardfp distro.

What do you all think, who wants to work together to get full hardfp
support for as most as possible ARM SOC GPUs?

It would be great if we can in the end even have OSS drivers. And to have
a good relationship with the GPU designers (for ARM SOCs) and hardware

If you know other distro's that are working on an ARM port or people that
might want to help, an you please forward the email to them?



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