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Re: small netbook

On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 3:13 PM, Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> 2011/10/16 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl@lkcl.net>:

>> it's been around for long enough now (and the ben nanonote uses the
>> same CPU) that i'd be very surprised if it wasn't fully
>> reverse-engineered by now.
> Indeed, Gentoo based filesystem: <http://web1.g-netbook.com/vannov_pkg.html>
> No kernel, nor bootloader source available.


 ooooOoo :)



oh wait.... dr nikolaus schaller wrote that!  AH HA!  waitwaitwait....
i know....


 yesss - brian (and others), *please* buy one (or several) of these.
it's the exact same device (as the skytone alpha 400), but the
critical reason for buying them is because Goldelico, the company that
has *successfully* developed a 3G replacement PCB for the OpenMoko
called the GTA04, and needs to shift their stock of Letux 400s in
order to allocate the funds to get better pricing on components for
the GTA04.

 the lead times on the major components for the GTA04 are a bitch: yes
they picked components that can all be purchased qty 1of, but the
price mark-ups are ridiculous: they'd just have to pass those prices
on to everyone, _and_ there would be a delay of at least 12 weeks from
order to shipping.  it's kinda important therefore that they shift
those Letux 400s.

 so... yeah, i know.  depends what you want.

oh, and the GTA04 is an ARM device - DM3730 1ghz.  and can actually
make phone calls.  without going "bzzzzzz b-bppp bb-bpp b-bzzzzz"
because they've actually listened to R.F. engineering advice.  that,
and dr schaller doesn't realise that he's an incredibly smart and
talented engineer, he believes this stuff is easy, but it all means
he's got it to work :)


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