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Re: small netbook

On 16/10/11 09:58, Michael Hope wrote:
> The Genesi people are nice and supportive of open source.  The Toshiba
> AC100 is well supported by a bunch of Ubuntu hackers.  If you want
> really minimal, try the Ben NanoNote.  It's open hardware as well but
> severely limited in I/O.

I'm really pleased with my AC100; nice keyboard, nice screen, excellent
battery life, and suspend actually works --- I just tried suspend-to-RAM
overnight and it lost 3% battery. Plus I got it really cheap off ebay.

There's a preinstalled Ubuntu image that works reasonably well, but
Unity's a bit slow and it's armel, so it's not really doing the
dual-core Tegra processor justice. However, Ubuntu's the best option if
you want something that Just Works right now:


I'm running Debian armhf and it requires some hackery to make work.

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