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Re: Debian installer for Buffalo LS Live (LS-CHL) and Mini (LS-WSGL)

* Benjamin Cama <benoar@free.fr> [2011-07-31 22:54]:
> As I understood, this file is here specifically for the Mini; no
> need to do a multiple-target script, right? (I can do that if it's
> better).

I think it would be better to have one file to avoid code duplication.
Is there an easy way to detect which device the script is run on?  If
so, that would be best way to do it.  If not, then it's okay to have
two scripts.

> Tell me if I should fill a bug report against some package: I didn't
> find where it comes from.

It's in the debian-installer package.

> My first problem was… finding the password used by the network console.
> I didn't remember from my last install months ago. Could this be written
> (password is “install”) somewhere where it's quite visible, please ? As
> it took me more than one hour of search to find it. Or maybe I'm too
> dumb.

It's mentioned in the install guide for the Kurobox Pro:
I'm not aware of an install guide for the Linkstation since I don't
support these devices.  If there's documentation on the Linkstation
wiki, you can make the edit there.

> Then, there is the fact that I'm still not able to create a RAID1 array
> for /boot that could mimic the behavior of the original /dev/md0, that
> is, that one partition (/dev/sda1) or the other (/dev/sdb1) can be
> mounted as a standalone ext3 fs. I'm not good at all at md stuff, so I

This should work just fine.

> Furthermore, I think their would be some patching needed if this is
> realized, as I think partman currently check for /dev/sda1 being mounted
> on /boot, right? This would just be a matter of checking for /dev/md0,
> or whatever (ext3-formatted) array is using /dev/sd[ab]1.

No, this is not a problem (see #504397).  In any case, the partition
check is currently only done on LS Pro/Live and Kurobox.  You have to
modify partman-ext3/check.d/ext2_or_ext3_boot and add the other LS

> Then, there was this very strange issue: the installer could not “make
> the system bootable”. I spent quite a lot of time finding the problem:
> it was not that your patches weren't correct (they actually are!) but
> that the installer had disabled the wheezy/main repository for some

No idea.  Maybe you can send a report with /var/log/syslog to the
debian-boot list.

> A bit sad, but I can live with that. Some other less risky people might
> find that disappointing. Do you think it's too difficult, or it's
> because you don't have time for this?

It shouldn't be difficult but I have no time and absolutely no
interest in Linkstation devices.  I spent way more time on them
already than I wanted.
Martin Michlmayr

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