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Re: dynamic LCD support for "embedded" systems

On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 2:06 PM, Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk> wrote:
>> DVI monitor), and that EDID data just gets passed-through via the VGA
>> IC. so it's all the same stuff... so what's the damn difference
>> between a system with a VGA monitor and a system with the exact same
>> LCD panel *from* that VGA monitor, ehn? :)  ok, rhetorical question.
> I'm not convinced it is the same stuff for various reaosns and bits of
> historical bug fixing and observation.

 yehhs... and arnaud's post also provides some more background, which
includes in some cases intermediate ICs that trash / strip out the
required info.  classic...


>>  devicetree LCD modules.  these could still be dynamically loaded,
>> right?  i mean, it's a bit crazy, but you could have associated with a
>> particular LCD panel a devicetree-compliant dynamic loaded module
>> which had the correct LCD settings (including the required pre-tested
>> hsync and vsync data), right?
> In theory, or passed to the kernel at boot.

 he-he that's not user-friendly, alain :)  the context is a
mass-produced device.

> The obvious long term path I
> would have thought would have been to move to 'device tree if data present
> else...' in the various panel drivers. That way there are no sudden bumps
> in the road for distributors but a device tree data set from any source
> would trump the data extracted by other means.

 ok.  right.  whew.  a migration path.  thank god for that.  no
terrifying all-convert-to-devicetree-or-die approach, then.  shaaame


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