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Re: (unofficial) Debian packages for Toshiba AC100 (Tegra; armel and armhf)

+++ Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton [2011-07-25 10:13 +0100]:
>  question:
>  what is the best way to actually take into account, *without*
> requiring a total recompile of the linux kernel, *without* requiring a
> rebuild of any debian gnu/linux packages, variations in LCD screen
> size when the "norm" is that both the LCD and the data structures in
> the linux kernel are typically static and non-changeable?

That's a question that has bugged me for a long time too. 

>  in some ways this is a rhetorical / leading question (but isn't
> really) - i'm aware that there's usually an I2C ROM or other mechanism
> for reading EDID data off of the LCD panel, to obtain its size... it's
> just that this simply isn't done in the linux kernel source code
> itself.

And sometimes there isn't even that (SFAIK). With a direct LCD connection
sometimes it's just a matter of what's plugged in. Ballon could have 4
different displays 3 LCD lanels or a VGA monitor-hack (to get monitor
signals out of the LCD connector). And I never worked out how to
switch between displays without making a new kernel, because
everything was clearly designed on the assumption that if the display
was LCD then it was of a fixed type.

This is really a question for the kernel list rather than debian-arm.
I keep hoping some infrastructure for better switching and magic-id
would appear. Maybe it has for all I know, and I missed it. (I last
looked at this some time ago). 

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