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ARM toolchain for Android - Gcc ON android


We are security researchers at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We have a scenario where we need to be able to compile a C source on the Android device itself. Hence, I came upon the R project's Android port:


I could not find who created the "android gcc", and I posted on the R porting list. They directed me here.

Good news is that I've tried the gcc on the device and it works like a charm.
question is, the size is really large. We have simple C files with no threading and the like.
Just bionic + linux system headers + lib math. Nothing else.

I was wondering whether I could strip the toolchain down to a bare minimum?
Or what were your steps while building it in the first place, so that I can exclude things not needed up front?

If this is not the right place, please direct me to the right forum or the team who did the work on the android gcc port.

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