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armhf installer status?


I'm trying to install debian on an mx53loco board. I have built a custom kernel from the linaro 2.6.38 sources, with most important drivers built in, it worked fine with the versatile armel installer initrd, after manually installing the kernel, running mkimage and setting up the bootloader, everything works fine. I've tried using both the efika initrds from http://people.debian.org/~zumbi/di-armhf/mx5/netboot/genesi/ (the only armhf installer I could find) and building an initrd in a debootstrapped armhf chroot, both fail when trying to download installer components from the mirrors, without telling which file they were missing.

Are these images broken only on my hacked kernel, or is this a known regression?

Thanks in advance

			...and Linux for all.

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